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The Reality of Our Existence

Welcome to the preview of the book PlaygroundEarth “Game of Life”. This book will be published in the year 2025 as part of a trilogy. It will focus on the working mechanism of the world and on our entire existence on the planet. Reading this book will reveal new insights about why certain things are taking place in the world and how historical events have shaped our day-to-day lives. Current behavior patterns will be explored to give a new understanding of the world and its workings, which will lead to a more fulfilled and satisfied life, full of joy. It may also lead to a new society in which each person reaches his potential and in the process gains respect, love and freedom.

This is a book for everyone, as a guide for living.

For most of us it seems that our existence and everything that surrounds us is a very complex matter. Fortunately, if we go back to the basics, we find the structure and the way how everything in life works can be explained rather easily. In fact, it is so simple that you may wonder why it has not been discovered earlier. There are several reasons for this.

One reason lies in the present way we achieve growth and progress in our lives, which focuses on gain. Throughout the Western world, gain is a measure of success, and to gain is to succeed. This results in an adversarial competition-based culture where people succeed only if they are better, bigger or faster than the rest. Most of us believe this, which means that we all push forward. Because we are indoctrinated in this way, past experiences disappear from our consciousness. People have become disconnected from the basic simple truths that are essential for leading a happy life. Instead, their lives become complex.

But this is not the only reason the world seems complicated. No event happens without connections to other events because all of them are interwoven. This means that events can be seen as reactions to other events and thereby also as initiators of new happenings. This means that many different events can take place that seem random. As a consequence, life seems to be a string of seemingly unrelated events. This implies that the basic truths become obscured as life goes on.

At least until now.

With the publication of the book Playground Earth “Game of Life”, all the basic truths will be revealed, and this book can be seen as a handbook or guide for living in the 21st century.

Different forms of knowledge coming from science, culture and religion have been used as guidelines to unravel the complex subject of the basic truth of life. To make this comprehensible, many examples will be used which relate to daily occurrences in our lives. This will provide you with new insights about how lives are shaped, and your place in the world will be revealed. The accumulated information has been merged, compared and stripped back down to the basic facts, using common sense and insight. Only in this way is it possible to demonstrate, without using complicated formulas and mathematics, how simple our existence really is.

Many daily life occurrences cannot be explained using words alone. In many cases, visual aids such as images or animations, including examples taken from daily life, are used to clarify the points made in this book. Furthermore, knowledge of science and spirituality is not necessary, just a good dose of common sense and an open mind. The subject matter is explained in a way that is easy for all to understand. In a nutshell, this is a perfect way to take a refreshingly new look at the facts of life.

After reading Playground Earth “Game of Life” your life will be different. With new insights into how basic truths influence your life, you will be able to shape your destiny. You will want to take responsibility for your life, and this responsibility will give you unlimited freedom. If you understand that responsibility and freedom are connected and are inseparable, you will be able to free yourself from the need to conform, and will thereby achieve a life filled with overflowing abundance, love and happiness.

But this is not all! The change within you will be experienced by others. The world will be influenced by your new energies. Tolerance, understanding and brotherhood will emerge among men. Humanity will evolve to the next level of intelligence. This evolution process is the starting point of a new world in which values such as honesty and equality will become focal points.

We have free will but do we have the will to be free?

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